All content on this site, unless otherwise stated, is written, designed and created by one person, me. The views and thoughts expressed therein are mine and mine alone, and are not intended to upset or argue with anyone else. You have your opinions and I have my own, I will respect yours, please respect mine. 

Some aspects, such as video content like reviews and streams, are new concepts I am still exploring, so if I make mistakes or create something that you know could be better, constructive criticism will always be welcome, via Facebook, twitter or any other way you can contact me. Abuse of myself or any other commentators will not be tolerated. 

My reviews are long form written pieces that might be accompanied by a video review. I do not use scores in my reviews, as I do not believe they are useful in giving an overview of the game in question, plus just what is the difference between a 6 and a 7 game? or a two star and a three star one? While I see the need for these on more commercial sites, I am never going to be able to turn this into a business so I can create content how I see fit. 

I do this as a hobby, I have a main, full time job along with a wife and daughter. Much as I would love to write for a living it isn't going to happen as I am now over 35 and generally considered too old to hang with the younger crowd commenting on this. That and the fact I have acute imposter syndrome. 

I hope you enjoy my content, respect what I do and provide the feedback that will keep me going.